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Wind Chimes 

Fanglasstic Wind Chimes

Light Opera Windchimes are sturdy enough to hang outside or in, and can be strung together to form a flowing chorus of light and sound. The frame is solid brass, hand-dipped twice to retard tarnishing, and delicate pieces of glass cascade into a waterfall. They can withstand up to 50 mph wind, and yet have the most delicate, graceful sound. Light Opera Windchimes have been used on relaxation CD's, and enjoyed by people all over the world.You can find them at one of hundreds of Galleries in the USA, or order them directly from our studio in Greenville SC.Click on Order below.

Blue Medium
These windchimes come in three sizes, which can be displayed alone, or hooked together in any combination to
form one long chime.

Color and Size, Price & Availability:

Updated 6/24/03
Air Large

Air Medium $30.00

Air Small $21.00

Blue Large

Blue Medium $28.00

Blue Small $20.00

Blue Green Medium

Blue Green Large

Blue Green Medium $28.00

Blue Green Small $20.00

Crystal Blue Large

Crystal Blue Medium $28.00

Crystal Blue Small $20.00

Crystal Violet Large

Crystal Violet Medium $28.00

Crystal Violet Small $20.00

  Fire Large

  Fire Medium $30.00
  Fire Small $21.00

Large blue white crystal baroque glass

Gold Large

Gold Medium $28.00

Gold Small $20.00

Ice Large

Ice Medium $28.00

Ice Small $20.00

Pale Blue Large

Pale Blue Medium $28.00

Pale Blue Small $20.00

Wine Small

Rainbow Large

Rainbow Medium $32.00

Rainbow Small $22.00

Seafoam Large

Seafoam Medium $30.00

Seafoam Small $21.00

Water Large

Water Medium $30.00

Water Small $21.00

Wine Large

Wine Medium $30.00

Wine Small $21.00

   USA Large

   USA Medium $32.00

   USA Small $22.00

***Check out our color schemes by clicking on the customs page!
Call for information on wholesale pricing.
***Many combinations available***
***Buy a full set***

Medium blue
Medium blue violet
Small aqua

Large red violet
Medium blue violet
Small red

Small Chimes



Large Blue Green
Large Crystal Violet

Wine full strand
Air Full Strand
Also pictured in very large view above

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